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1. Owner information

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2. Cookies

This website uses cookies for the above mentioned purposes. A cookie is a small text file stored in your browser so that your computer is recognized on following visits to our website. No personal details are stored in our cookies, and they cannot contain viruses.

2.1 Shelf life of cookies

Cookies disappear by themselves after a certain number of months (period may vary), but the expiry deadline is extended after every visit.

2.2 How to turn off cookies

You can find guidelines on how to turn off cookies here:

2.3 How to avoid cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may click on the following link for guidelines on how to block them:

2.4 What cookies are used for on our website

We apply cookies to keep statistics on the number of users of our website and their geographic location.

2.5 Google Analytics (measuring site traffic)

This website uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure traffic on the site. If you wish to opt out from receiving cookies from Google Analytics, you can do so here:

3. Use of personal data

Personal data is never transferred to third parties without your explicit consent. We also never collect personal data, unless you voluntarily choose to provide us with it, e.g. by registration, purchasing or participating in a study. In these circumstances we collect data including name, address, postal code, email address, gender, age, interests, personal opinion and knowledge of different topics.

Personal information is used to process the purchase or service for which we have collected the data. Moreover, we use personal information to better understand the needs and interests of the users of our website. In these cases we use your data e. g. for studies which help us improve our products, services and technologies.

3.1 Contact concerning personal data

If you wish to access the information recorded about you at JungleCoders, please contact us via email or phone +45 86122922. If incorrect data has been recorded and in the case of any other objections, please use the same contact details. You have the possibility to get a detailed overview of which personal data we have stored, and you may object to the registration as to the rules stipulated in the Data Protection Act.

3.2 Protection of personal data

The Data Protection Act guarantees that personal information about you is stored securely and confidentially. We store your personal information on computers with limited access, which are located in monitored facilities, and our security is checked on a regular basis to determine whether our user information is handled properly and always with due deference to your rights as a user. We can though not guarantee 100% security for data transmission over the internet. This implies that there may be a risk of others gaining unauthorized access to personal information when data is transmitted or stored electronically. Thus, you provide personal information at your own risk.

We delete or anonymize personal data when it is no longer needed for the purposes it has been collected for. Your data may be stored for a maximum of 12 months after use. The rapid development of the internet may requires changes to the way in which we process personal information. We therefore reserve the right to update and change these guidelines for the processing of personal data. In case we do so, we will, of course, alter the "last updated" date at the bottom of this page. In the event of substantial changes, we will notify you with a clearly visible message on our website.

The Data Protection Act confers the right to know what personal data can be attributed to you. If it turns out that the information or data processed about you is incorrect or misguiding, you have the right to demand it be corrected, deleted or blocked. You may object to information about you being used for data processing at any time. You may also and at any time revoke your consent via the contact details mentioned above.